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  • Argentina: Central Bank Can't Get No Satisfaction

    04:41 | 19/7/17
    Real GDP had been virtually stagnant for four consecutive years, the primary (excluding interest payments) fiscal deficit was 4.4% of GDP, the multilateral real exchange rate (RER) was 30% below the 1997-2005 average, meaning that the Argentine peso ... more»
  • Argentina's 'little trees' getting chopped down by new president

    10:05 | 31/12/15
    Los Angeles Times
    16, when Macri's center-right government abolished the subsidized rate, the peso was officially trading at about 9.5 to the dollar, but shops like Garcia's were offering around 14 to the dollar. more»
  • Argentine Peso Plummets Nearly 40% After Currency Controls Lifted

    09:26 | 18/12/15
    Sputnik International
    After the move, financial experts forecast the peso to climb from 9.82 to 15 per $1. Macri campaigned on a pledge to liberalize the currency market and increase reserves up to $25 billion over the next four months. more»
  • UPDATE 1-Devaluation fears push Argentine peso to record low on black market

    04:30 | 26/8/15
    Argentina is the world's top supplier of soymeal and soyoil, and soy revenues are a key source of hard currency. The peso traded officially at 9.2700 on Tuesday, leaving a 73 percent margin between the official rate and the black market. The official ... more»
  • Argentine Peso Gets a Reprieve

    05:11 | 11/11/14
    Wall Street Journal
    BUENOS AIRES—Argentina is enjoying a pax cambiara, or currency peace, but many wonder if it will last. After a year of losing ground, the peso has been roaring back in the black market, strengthening almost 28% over the last six weeks and nearly 5% on ... more»
  • Argentina's president seeks to dispel fears of 'peso-fication'

    13:45 | 8/10/14
    Legal experts and economists have raised concerns over Article 765, which states that a debtor could fulfill his foreign currency obligation by "giving the equivalent in legal currency (the Argentine peso)". This option has raised the specter of the ... more»
  • Argentine stock rise reflects fear, not confidence

    05:30 | 5/10/14
    Taipei Times
    Investors are not buying up shares because they trust the country's economy or government policies, but instead as a way of getting scarce US dollars to hedge against the tumbling Argentine peso. Even in dollar terms at the black market rate, the stock ... more»
  • Argentina Defaults and Will Repeg to the Dollar, but What if the U.S. Defaults?

    08:03 | 1/8/14
    So Argentina will have to peg to the dollar once again. More precisely, it will have to peg to something with a recognized value, or its economy will not function. more»
  • Argentines forget financial woe for final

    09:11 | 11/7/14
    The Daily Star
    If Argentina does default this time, the crisis will be nowhere near as bad as in 2002 but it would likely send the peso currency even lower, further fuel inflation and extend the country's banishment from international debt markets. Inflation is ... more»
  • Argentine debt battle could reduce global soybean supply

    03:11 | 28/6/14
    "The peso is not stable, it does not make sense to sell much of what we produce because you cannot buy anything worthwhile with the money," Novecourt said. more»
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