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RELINT: AIR: Disclosure of Director and Senior Mngrs Relevant Interests

19 May 2017 15:00NZX
Ongoing Disclosure Notice
Disclosure of Directors and Senior Managers Relevant Interests
Sections 297(2) and 298(2), Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
To NZX Limited; and
Name of listed issuer: Air New Zealand
Date this disclosure made: 19-May-17
Date of last disclosure: 8-Mar-17
Director or senior manager giving disclosure
Full name(s): Stephen Jones
Name of listed issuer: Air New Zealand
Name of related body corporate (if applicable):
Position held in listed issuer:
Chief Strategy,
Networks and Alliances
Summary of acquisition or disposal of relevant interest (excluding specified
Class of affected quoted financial products: Ordinary Shares (NZX:AIR)
Nature of the affected relevant interest(s):
Registered holder:
beneficial owner
For that relevant interest-
Number held in class before acquisition or disposal: 195,414
Number held in class after acquisition or disposal: 109,414
Current registered holder(s): Stephen Jones
Registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: Stephen Jones
Details of transactions giving rise to acquisition or disposal
Total number of transactions to which notice relates: 1
Details of transactions requiring disclosure
Date of transaction: 17-May-17
Nature of transaction:
On-market trade
(sale of shares)
Name of any other party or parties to the transaction (if known):
The consideration, expressed in New Zealand dollars, paid or received for the
or disposal. If the consideration was not in cash and cannot be readily by
converted into a
cash value, describe the consideration: $238,650.00
Number of financial products to which the transaction related: 86,000 shares
If the issuer has a financial products trading policy that prohibits
directors or senior
managers from trading during any period without written clearance (a closed
include the following details--
Whether relevant interests were acquired or disposed of during a closed
period: Yes
Whether prior written clearance was provided to allow the acquisition or
disposal to
proceed during the closed period: Yes
Date of the prior written clearance (if any): 17-May-17
Summary of other relevant interests after acquisition or disposal
Class of affected quoted financial products:
Rights convertible to Ordinary
Shares ("Rights")
Nature of the affected relevant interest(s):
Power to acquire Ordinary
Shares in accordance with
terms of the Rights
For that relevant interest-
Number held in class: 630,487
Current registered holder(s): Stephen Jones
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information
contained in this
disclosure is correct and that I am duly authorised to make this disclosure
by all persons
for whom it is made.
Signature of person authorised to sign on behalf of director or officer:
Date of signature: 19-May-17
Name and title of authorised person:
Martin Crosby
Benefits Consultant
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