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SHINTR: SKT: SPH Notice - PERPETUAL LIMITED and subsidiaries

25 Jul 2017 11:00NZX
Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding
or change in nature of relevant interest, or both
Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

To: Sky Network Television Limited

Relevant event being disclosed: DISCLOSURE OF MOVEMENT OF 1% OR MORE

Date of relevant event: 21/04/2017

Date this disclosure made: 24/04/2017

Date last disclosure made: 10/07/2017

Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure
Full name(s): PERPETUAL LIMITED and subsidiaries

Summary of substantial holding
Class of quoted voting products: Ordinary shares

Summary for: PERPETUAL LIMITED and subsidiaries
For this disclosure,--

(a) total number held in class: 42,727,975

(b) total in class: 389,139,785

(c) total percentage held in class: 10.98%

For last disclosure,--

(a) total number held in class: 46,656,335

(b) total in class: 389,139,785

(c) total percentage held in class: 11.99%

Details of transactions and events giving rise to relevant event

Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure: REFER TO

Details after relevant event
Details for: REFER TO ANNEXURE 1

Nature of relevant interest(s): NORMAL MARKET TRADING
For that relevant interest,--
(a) number held in class: REFER TO ANNEXURE 2
(b) percentage held in class: REFER TO ANNEXURE 2
(c) current registered holder(s): REFER TO ANNEXURE 2
(d) registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: REFER TO ANNEXURE

Additional information
Address(es) of substantial product holder(s): PO BOX 4171, SYDNEY 2000,

Contact details: Glenda Charles, 612 9229 9134,

Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
to give, a disclosure under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 in
relation to the financial products to which this disclosure relates: N/A

I, Glenda Charles, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
End CA:00304492 For:SKT    Type:SHINTR     Time:2017-07-25 11:00:48
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