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Daily Market Report
for 23/10/2019
Government has missed the chance to take farmers with them
22 Oct 2019 11:18 Scoop
New Zealand’s farmers will continue to work on their carbon emissions and water efficiencies on-farm, despite the government’s hugely unrealistic targets for methane.  more...
Female-dominated jobs more susceptible to automation
22 Oct 2019 16:30 Scoop
Female-dominated occupations are more vulnerable to automation, which could further widen the gender pay gap, warns recruiting experts Hays.  more...
NZ company fined NZ$36,000 for unsolicited messages
22 Oct 2019 17:28 Scoop
The New Zealand Trustees Association (NZTA) and founder, Errol Anderson, have been fined a total penalty of NZ$ 44,000 in the Auckland High Court for sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages. NZTA is required to pay NZ$ 36,000, while Mr. Anderson ...  more...
Super Liquor pleased with Employment Court ruling
22 Oct 2019 14:04 Scoop
Campbell McMahon, Chief Executive of Super Liquor Holdings Limited said he is pleased with the ruling of the Employment Court against former franchisees P & K Parihar for historic breaches of employment law over a number of years at two Super Liquor ...  more...
Airways NZ’s simulation technology bound for Malaysia
22 Oct 2019 14:49 Scoop
Airways International Ltd is pleased to announce it has partnered with International Aeradio Ltd (IAL) to provide a turnkey tower simulator solution based on its TotalControl simulation technology for air traffic control training at Malaysia’s Mukah Airport.  more...
Let’sPlay.Live signs deal with Vodafone New Zealand
22 Oct 2019 12:29 Scoop
Let’sPlay.Live (LPL), Australasia’s leading esports tournament organisation and media broadcast company, has signed a multi-year partnership with Vodafone New Zealand, boosting the growing NZ gaming industry and linking gamers with one of the ...  more...
Japan’s #1 favourite Suntory BOSS Coffee brand lands in NZ
22 Oct 2019 12:19 Scoop
From ramen to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Japanese innovation is everywhere; our fascination with all things Japanese is on the increase. The land of matcha, cherry blossoms, emojis, sushi and animé has always captivated our imagination; now we can add another ...  more...
Focus on Centreport Regeneration Now Insurance Finalised
22 Oct 2019 13:20 Scoop
The regeneration of CentrePort has taken a major step forward with the finalisation of one of the largest insurance claims in New Zealand. Nearly three years after the November 14 Kaikoura Earthquake caused major damage, CentrePort has finalised the ...  more...
Staff Exploitation Unacceptable – Retail NZ
22 Oct 2019 13:14 Scoop
Retail NZ says most retailers and franchise owners do their best to comply with employment laws, and it’s unacceptable for franchise business owners to exploit their staff. The comments come following today’s Employment Court decision in relation to the ...  more...
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