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Daily NZX Report
for 8/02/2016
NZSX 50 Index up 16.1 points.
The New Zealand sharemarket was relatively flat today, with 76 advances and 69 declines. The NZSX 50 Index Index rose 16.1 points, or 0.26%, to close at 6153.80 while the NZSX 15 Index finished the day 24.6 points (0.21%) up at 11628.57.

Today's big movers were LGF 15/12/2017 6.00% - NZ Local Govt Funding Agency Ltd down 0.07 (2.25%) at 2.83, Contact Energy down 0.05 (1.11%) at 4.45, Fletcher Building down 0.04 (0.56%) at 7.09, Sky City down 0.05 (1.11%) at 4.47 and A2 Corporation up 0.09 (5.11%) at 1.85.

NZX Indices
NZ50NZSX 506,1286,154160.26
ZXVNZSX 1511,56411,629250.21
NC50NZSX Portfolio3,7953,809110.29
NZTSNZX SciTech2,5902,613200.78
T10NZSX 101,2171,22400.01
SEMCNZSX MidCap3,6483,674240.65
SCINZSX SCI11,00311,003630.57
A99All Index1,1811,18530.23
AXASNZAX All Index652.43652.4315.272.29
Top 10 by Value Traded
Todays Top Stories
New Zealand Dollar & Australian Dollar - Exchange Rate Forecast Roundup For ...
07 Feb 2016 22:00 Exchange Rates UK
Without a doubt, the most dramatic movement for the pound in relation to the majors such as the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar last week was caused by the Bank of England (BoE) Interest Rate Decision and Inflation Report, both of which were ...  more...
Former Allentown residents trapped and starving in Syria
07 Feb 2016 13:45 Allentown Morning Call
One Allentown resident, who asked his name not be revealed, said he's wired money to friends in neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, but failed to get it past the blockade in Madaya, where food has become so scarce that a single pound of ...  more...
S&P 500 Weekly Update: In Short, If Bulls Are Going To Step Up, They Need To ...
07 Feb 2016 18:26 Seeking Alpha
The bulls say the S&P is carving out a bottom; the skeptics say this is just a pause before another leg down. Market volatility continues as the crude oil and equity markets trade on sheer emotion lately.  more...
Big Position Adjustment For Euro, Smaller For Yen
07 Feb 2016 21:48 Seeking Alpha
The euro futures saw the largest position adjustment among the currency futures, seemingly anticipating the upside break that took place since the end of the reporting period.  more...
Favouring Additional New Zealand Dollar Downside
08 Feb 2016 01:56 Pound Sterling Live
We have set topside targets set at 1.1087, a break below 1.0595 suggests we are wrong.” As far as the week ahead goes, these themes will remain in stasis probably as there is little data directly from New Zealand and global volatility may be impaired ...  more...
Most Popular Announcements
29 Jun 2012 10:04NZX
Genesis Energy announced today that Bob Weir, General Manager - Energy Management, is leaving the Company. Genesis Energy''s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Fuge, said: "Bob has  more...
17 Jun 2013 11:43NZX
Issue of shares under Air New Zealand Long Term Incentive Plan Air New Zealand Limited announces that it has issued 228,338 Shares pursuant to Air New Zealand long term incentive more...
24 Aug 2012 17:06NZX
This document is the Annual Review of operations for Rubicon''s 2012 fiscal year (i.e. for the 12 months ended 30 June 2012). It addresses in summary the operational and financia more...
09 Aug 2012 16:15NZX
Origin Energy Contact Finance No.2 Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited) wishes to advise of the resignation of Mr Christopher Bush as a Director. End CA: more...
06 May 2011 11:16NZX
6 May 2011 Dear SmartPay Shareholder Share Consolidation Following the completion of SmartPay Limited''s ("SmartPay") rights issue in 2008 and various share placements th more...
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