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Daily NZX Report
for 26/05/2015
NZSX 50 Index up 19.0 points.
The New Zealand sharemarket was strong today, with 80 advances and 65 declines. The NZSX 50 Index Index rose 19.0 points, or 0.33%, to close at 5794.98 while the NZSX 15 Index finished the day 58.5 points (0.53%) up at 11110.50.

Today's big movers were Contact Energy up 0.63 (11.35%) at 6.18, Meridian Energy Instalment Receipts up 0.05 (2.64%) at 1.95, Meridian Energy down 0.04 (1.71%) at 2.30, Spark New Zealand up 0.02 (0.73%) at 2.75 and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp Ltd up 0.09 (1.43%) at 6.39.

NZX Indices
NZ50NZSX 505,7765,795190.33
ZXVNZSX 1511,05211,111590.53
NC50NZSX Portfolio3,5813,593120.35
NZTSNZX SciTech2,2622,26910.06
T10NZSX 101,1961,20690.77
SEMCNZSX MidCap3,4633,46740.12
SCINZSX SCI10,72810,742110.10
A99All Index1,1411,14540.33
AXASNZAX All Index611.89612.896.791.10
Top 10 by Value Traded
Todays Top Stories
Halal certification charter signed in secret in Mecca
25 May 2015 02:07 The Australian
Dr Turki had brought the figures, including embattled Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Hafez Kassem and “Mr Saudi” in Australia, Shafiq Khan, to Mecca to conquer and divide the multi-million-dollar halal certification market. Leaders ...  more...
Euro weakness upsets luxury brand pricing
25 May 2015 03:45 Financial Times
The gap between the prices for luxury handbags, watches and jewellery in Europe and in China is the biggest it has been for three years, as weakness in the euro upsets global pricing strategies for high-end consumer brands. Currency swings mean a ...  more...
Australian Dollar to Head into the 60s
25 May 2015 14:26 Daily Reckoning - Australian Edition
On the weekend I published a special report on the 'Golden Age of Infrastructure' and how you can potentially profit from this new era.  more...
Fuel prices set for NT$0.2 reduction
25 May 2015 03:56 Taipei Times
As the appreciation of NT$0.108 in the New Taiwan dollar versus the US dollar helped cut some crude import costs, CPC would reduce fuel prices by 1.44 percent, the company said.  more...
dollar lower after US inflation data
25 May 2015 08:37 NEWS.com.au
US consumer prices rose for a third straight month in April. Minus food and energy, the “core” consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.3 per cent, the largest increase since January 2013.  more...
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