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Daily NZX Report
for 7/10/2015
NZSX 50 Index down 18.1 points.
The New Zealand sharemarket was relatively flat today, with 64 advances and 73 declines. The NZSX 50 Index Index lost 18.1 points, or 0.32%, to close at 5650.03 while the NZSX 15 Index finished the day 52.8 points (0.49%) down at 10701.30.

Today's big movers were Contact Energy down 0.09 (1.85%) at 4.77, Sky City up 0.06 (1.52%) at 4.00, Air New Zealand up 0.09 (3.41%) at 2.58, Z Energy up 0.04 (0.66%) at 6.07 and Mighty River Power down 0.07 (2.61%) at 2.43.

NZX Indices
NZ50NZSX 505,6505,650180.32
ZXVNZSX 1510,70110,701530.49
NC50NZSX Portfolio3,5013,50160.18
NZTSNZX SciTech2,1842,206180.82
T10NZSX 101,1291,12960.54
SEMCNZSX MidCap3,3553,35530.09
SCINZSX SCI10,52410,611690.66
A99All Index1,0911,09130.26
AXASNZAX All Index613.64618.785.140.84
Top 10 by Value Traded
Todays Top Stories
Malaysian ringgit gains over 2% on stronger exports, oil price
07 Oct 2015 18:13 Times of India
SINGAPORE: Malaysia's ringgit jumped more than 2 percent on Wednesday as August exports were stronger than expected and a rebound in global crude prices eased concerns over the country's overseas earnings from oil and gas sales.  more...
deal opens era of prosperity
07 Oct 2015 02:03 The Australian
Mr Robb said the 12-nation pact would eliminate 98 per cent of tariffs across beef, dairy, wine, sugar, rice and horticulture, and extend to manufactured goods, resources and energy. It would open access to ... It is a gigantic foundation stone for our ...  more...
No quarter for Greece on bank recap as euro area plays tough
06 Oct 2015 22:56 Kathimerini
Greece shouldn't expect the euro area to relax bailout requirements to meet next month's deadline for unlocking money to recapitalize its banking system, Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem said.  more...
Aussie Dollar's Rally Against Kiwi Seen Souring as Milk Rebounds
07 Oct 2015 12:03 Bloomberg
Australia's dollar looks to be headed back down against New Zealand's after the Aussie-kiwi topped out near its highest level in two years.  more...
Indian Rupee Falls To 4-day Low Against US Dollar
06 Oct 2015 21:37 London South East (registration) (blog)
Against the greenback, the rupee fell to a 4-day low of 65.4300 from an early high of 65.1200. At yesterday's close, the rupee was trading at 65.0800 against the greenback. If the rupee extends its downtrend, it is likely to find support around the 66 ...  more...
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This document is the Annual Review of operations for Rubicon''s 2012 fiscal year (i.e. for the 12 months ended 30 June 2012). It addresses in summary the operational and financia more...
10 May 2013 14:25NZX
Please see attached SSH notice for Leslie Wayne Peters and Peters MacGregor Capital Management Limited End CA:00236089 For:MHI Type:SSH Time:2013-05-10 14:25:26 more...
09 Jul 2013 08:30NZX
Ongoing Disclosure Notice Section 19T(2), Securities Markets Act 1988 A Details of director or officer Name of director or officer of public issuer: Greg Main Name of public more...
07 Mar 2013 08:30NZX
NZX 15 Index inclusion Trade Me has been advised today that NZX Indices has made a change to the NZX 15 Index following its March 2013 Quarterly Index Review. This will see Tra more...
09 Jul 2013 08:30NZX
Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLC ("TEMIT") On behalf of TEMIT, Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited reports the unaudited cum-income net asset value  more...
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