Monday, 25 May 2015


  • Australia dollar lower after US inflation data

    08:57 | 25/5/15
    The Australian
    “For the first time in nearly two months, investors began rewarding the US dollar for good economic data rather than punishing it for weaker data,” he said. more»
  • dollar lower after US inflation data

    08:37 | 25/5/15
    US consumer prices rose for a third straight month in April. Minus food and energy, the “core” consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.3 per cent, the largest increase since January 2013. more»
  • Peru: Agrarian Bonds Remain Unpaid

    04:18 | 25/5/15
    The Market Mogul
    As a result of this, the currency of Peru changed twice in six years, the Sol de Oro was converted to the Inti in 1985, this then changed to the current currency, the Nuevo Sol, in 1991. As the Agrarian bonds were issued in Sols de Oro, their nominal ... more»
Recent News
  • Fuel prices set for NT$0.2 reduction

    03:56 | 25/5/15
    Taipei Times
    As the appreciation of NT$0.108 in the New Taiwan dollar versus the US dollar helped cut some crude import costs, CPC would reduce fuel prices by 1.44 percent, the company said. more»
  • Euro weakness upsets luxury brand pricing

    03:45 | 25/5/15
    Financial Times
    The gap between the prices for luxury handbags, watches and jewellery in Europe and in China is the biggest it has been for three years, as weakness in the euro upsets global pricing strategies for high-end consumer brands. Currency swings mean a ... more»
  • Halal certification charter signed in secret in Mecca

    02:07 | 25/5/15
    The Australian
    Dr Turki had brought the figures, including embattled Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Hafez Kassem and “Mr Saudi” in Australia, Shafiq Khan, to Mecca to conquer and divide the multi-million-dollar halal certification market. Leaders ... more»
  • Indigenous Get Wrong End of Stick in Corrupt Liberia

    02:03 | 25/5/15
    Front Page Africa
    Remember the Angelique Weeks girl at Liberia Telecommunications Authority and the one million dollars ponzi building leasing scheme she engineered? more»
  • Egyptian pound steady at official auction

    00:00 | 25/5/15
    Cairo: Egypt's central bank kept the pound steady at 7.53 to the dollar at a foreign exchange auction on Sunday, while the currency weakened on the black market. more»
  • Namibia averts load shedding, but darkness looms

    23:37 | 24/5/15
    Namibia is most probably the only country in the region that has not resorted to load shedding as a means of saving power. Unlike other power utilities in the region, NamPower has 6 billion Namibian dollars (500 million U.S dollars) in reserves. It has ... more»
  • Greece Finance Minister Varoufakis: 'Catastrophic to leave euro'

    22:30 | 24/5/15
    BBC News
    Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis says if Greece left the euro, it would spell the end of Europe's common currency. more»
  • Egyptian pound steady at official auction, weaker on black market

    22:18 | 24/5/15
    The central bank has held the official exchange rate steady for more than three months since letting the pound weaken at the beginning of 2015. more»
  • One year of Modi government: Return of 'feel good factor' for Indian economy

    21:56 | 24/5/15
    Economic Times
    There were improvements in other parameters of the economy as well, notably on inflation that is now at historically-low levels, even as the rupee did not fall as much as other currencies against the dollar. Albeit in spurts, there emerged some green ... more»
  • Greeks back government's red lines, but want to keep euro

    21:00 | 24/5/15
    Business Insider
    Athens (AFP) - Cash-strapped Greeks remain supportive of the leftist government's tough negotiating style, according to a new poll published Sunday, but hope for a deal with creditors that will keep the euro in their wallets. The poll conducted in May ... more»
  • Singapore Tourism Board revokes Asia-Euro Holidays' licence

    16:28 | 24/5/15
    The Straits Times
    STB on Saturday urged all affected consumers to contact the agency regarding the status of their booking or refund. In the event that Asia-Euro Holidays cannot be reached or fails to provide relevant service delivery or refund, consumers with ... more»
  • Holding special bonds of love

    15:56 | 24/5/15
    Nation News
    I was the happiest woman in Barbados. I screamed, I shouted,” said Denise, laughing at the memory. Her “baby”, the 23-year-old who is currently captain of the West Indies One-day cricket team, was sitting beside her laughing last week when she related ... more»