Friday, 28 November 2014


Recent News
  • Sweden's krona down 13% this year

    14:18 | 28/11/14
    The Swedish Wire
    The U.S. dollar has strengthened against all of its 16 major peers this year, with the Swedish krona losing 13 percent and Norway's krone dropping 11.1 percent, Bloomberg said. more»
  • Agriculture Sector Needs More Funds - Majaga

    13:56 | 28/11/14
    Gaborone - Nata-Gweta MP, Mr Polson Majaga, has called for diversification of economy to reduce dependency on mineral resources. Responding to the State-of-Nation Address in Parliament, he said agriculture had the potential to grow the wealth of the ... more»
  • Oil producer currencies sink after Opec decision

    09:48 | 28/11/14
    Financial Times
    The United Arab Emirates dirham also fell to its lowest level against the dollar in forwards markets on Thursday, thanks to a suggestion from an advisory body to the government that the central bank might want to keep the merits of the peg under ... more»
  • Russian situation lifts NZ dollar to record high against ruble

    09:48 | 28/11/14
    The New Zealand dollar rose to a record against the Russian ruble amid concerns about the outlook for the Russian economy after OPEC decided against cutting oil production to bolster falling prices and as sanctions against Russia look set to continue ... more»
  • NZ dollar rises to record against rouble

    09:48 | 28/11/14
    Sky News Australia
    The New Zealand dollar has risen to a record against the Russian rouble amid concerns about the outlook for the Russian economy. more»
  • Russian Ruble Hits Historic Lows Against Dollar, Euro On OPEC Decision

    09:37 | 28/11/14
    The Russian ruble has fallen to historic inter-day lows against both the dollar and euro in the wake the OPEC oil cartel's decision not to cut production despite a huge oversupply in world markets. more»
  • Australian dollar falls after OPEC decision

    09:37 | 28/11/14
    The Age
    Mr de Garis said it was an up-and-down night for the Australian dollar. The currency peaked at 86.17 US cents on the back of surprisingly good local business investment data but then started falling after the US dollar rallied on the back of the OPEC ... more»
  • Euro Bond Yields

    09:37 | 28/11/14
    New York Times (blog)
    As many people have pointed out, those ultra-low German rates are about weakness, not strength - basically, the market is pricing in many years of a depressed euro area economy with very low inflation (the implied expected inflation rate from index ... more»
  • Bridgecorp receiver's $20m claim dismissed

    09:26 | 28/11/14
    Manawatu Standard
    The company provided finance to developers of residential and commercial properties in New Zealand and Fiji. It had engaged insurance broking firm Herbert Insurance Group, the owner of which was recently found guilty of a series of fraud ... Receiver ... more»
  • Australian dollar lower

    08:30 | 28/11/14
    Herald Sun
    THE Australian dollar is lower after the European Central Bank reaffirmed its commitment to jump start the region's economy. more»
  • Agent calls for change

    08:07 | 28/11/14
    Fiji Times
    "Due to a huge difference in foreign exchange in favour of the foreigners and non-residents, compared to Fijian dollar, an increment of ten per cent on Stamp Duty and 5 per cent on mortgages are not alarming and should be accepted," he added. more»
  • Loonie, Norwegian krone, Russian ruble all fall after OPEC decision

    08:07 | 28/11/14
    Currencies of oil-producing nations tumbled, with the Norwegian krone reaching a five-year low against the dollar, after OPEC members decided to keep its output target unchanged. more»