Friday, 26 May 2017


  • Le Pen Wavers on Euro as Parliamentary Election Looms

    21:22 | 25/5/17
    Wall Street Journal (subscription)
    PARIS—Opposition to the euro is wavering inside France's far-right National Front party due to infighting over whether its signature policy is to blame for Marine Le Pen's failed presidential bid. more»
  • South African Rand Rallies on NEC Meeting Hopes, but Don't Get Carried Away ...

    20:03 | 25/5/17
    Pound Sterling Live
    The Rand finds itself in a dominating position as markets play out the final phases of May. Press reports suggest that the reason for the most recent outperformance in the currency is due to the good inflation print but to one analyst this makes no ... more»
  • US Dollar Finds Unusual Favor in Hong Kong

    19:41 | 25/5/17
    Wall Street Journal (subscription)
    The U.S. dollar has been on something of a tear—against one currency where it ought to be quite stable. The greenback has risen 0.5% to a recent peak of just higher than 7.79 Hong Kong dollars so far in 2017. That may not look dramatic, until the U.S. ... more»
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