Wednesday, 10 February 2016


  • The Euro Is Back, Baby!…Barely!

    10:00 | 10/2/16
    On a trade weighted basis the euro is now once again more valuable than it was on the day for the ECB's bond-buying program was laid out…. more»
  • This may be one reason the euro is rising as eurozone bank stocks plunge

    09:48 | 10/2/16
    “What's typically the case is European bank weakness is euro weakness,” Englander said. ”If you were looking at this over a three-month horizon, you wouldn't want to bet that weaker eurozone banks would lead to a stronger euro.” The shared currency has ... more»
  • dollar up amid US Fed talk

    09:41 | 10/2/16
    The Australian
    “the US dollar weakened further overnight, as bets on additional Fed tightening this year were pared further amid the turmoil in global bond and equity markets,” Mr Speizer said in a statement. more»
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