Friday, 25 July 2014


  • Introducing the $7.76 Big Mac

    06:11 | 25/7/14
    If you took your U.S. dollars to Norway, that's how deep the exchange rate would set you back. There, a McDonald's (MCD) Big Mac costs 48 Norwegian kroner, which translates to $7.76 in U.S. dollars. That makes the krone the most "puffed-up currency" in ... more»
  • Exchange Rates: Pound Euro Dollar Yen And New Zealand Dollar Currency ...

    03:56 | 25/7/14
    Exchange Rates UK
    Exchange Rates: Pound Euro Dollar Yen and New Zealand Dollar Currency Outlook and Analysis - A day of low volatility generally is expected on the markets today as a lack of really meaningful data prevents clear trading rationale for market participants. more»
  • Poland's defence

    03:00 | 25/7/14
    The Economist
    A similar sense of pressure for rapid results is guiding Poland's multi-year 140 billion zloty ($46 billion) military modernisation programme, one of the largest investments in new military kit by any European NATO member. more»
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