Saturday, 01 November 2014


  • Rush to swap Aussie dollars

    15:03 | 1/11/14
    Sydney Morning Herald
    It is a question on the minds of those heading overseas during the Christmas and January break. Should they exchange their Australian dollars now for foreign currency or hold off in the hope our dollar recovers before they depart. For many, however ... more»
  • Vietnam tests frontier appetite

    13:11 | 1/11/14
    IFR Asia
    “If the Vietnamese dong depreciates in a big way, it will negatively affect their debt ratios because the value of their US dollar liabilities increases in dong terms,” said de Guzman. more»
  • Review urged on future role of Hong Kong dollar

    10:22 | 1/11/14
    South China Morning Post (subscription)
    Wong said that when the yuan became convertible in 2020, as some mainland officials had indicated, Hong Kong should explore the future of the Hong Kong dollar. "If China trades continue to increase, the block of yuan that you carry is going to be ... more»
Recent News
  • Canadian dollar drops after report on August GDP

    09:48 | 1/11/14
    CTV News
    TORONTO -- The Canadian dollar dropped almost two-thirds of a U.S. cent Friday as economic growth for August missed already modest expectations. more»
  • Globe in Ukraine: A slow return to normal life on the front lines

    09:48 | 1/11/14
    The Globe and Mail
    The Donetsk People's Republic recently announced it had established its own central bank, and would eventually move from using the Ukrainian hryvnia to the Russian ruble. While the battle for the airport still rages - with Ukrainian commandos holding ... more»
  • Claim Over Icelandic Conversion Rate Revived

    09:37 | 1/11/14
    Courthouse News Service
    (CN) - The 9th Circuit resurrected a class action challenging the handling of certificates of deposit denominated in Icelandic krona after that country's banking crisis. California resident Ek Vathana filed a class action for breach of contract against ... more»
  • Campaign launched to reduce salt intake in Croatia

    08:18 | 1/11/14
    The minister pointed to the correlation between excessive salt intake and high blood pressure and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, underlining savings worth millions of kuna that could be made in the health system if salt intake was reduced. more»
  • EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil's real drops as optimism over Rousseff remains ...

    07:00 | 1/11/14
    The Brazilian real weakened more than 2 percent, just short of erasing the previous day's gains. Brazil's Bovespa stock index continued to rebound from earlier this week when it hit its lowest level since April. more»
  • Pain Demands to Be Felt

    07:00 | 1/11/14
    ... stealing third base with one out in the ninth and scoring the tying run moments later; Hosmer's triple off the wall with one out in the 12th; Christian Colon topping an infield single to tie the game; and Salvador Perez erasing an atrocious game ... more»
  • Caught with his pants down… but can conman Peter Foster escape justice again?

    07:00 | 1/11/14
    The Independent
    Yet even as Foster was stretchered off this week, moaning and clutching his chest, detectives were preparing to seize computers and phones - potential evidence of the multi-million-dollar betting scam which he allegedly ran while on the run over the ... more»
  • Local market unchanged at 8888. 07 as greenback increases to NT$30.402

    06:48 | 1/11/14
    China Post
    The U.S. dollar rose against the New Taiwan dollar Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced overnight an end to its monthly bond buying program, dealers said. more»
  • US dollar rises against local currency, closes at NT$30.478 on Taipei forex

    06:48 | 1/11/14
    China Post
    TAIPEI -- The U.S. dollar rose against the New Taiwan dollar Friday, gaining NT$0.076 to close at the day's high of NT$30.478 after the central bank jumped onto the trading floor to reverse the greenback's earlier losses in a bid to maintain Taiwan's ... more»
  • Hungary Internet Tax Shelved After Mass Protests

    05:52 | 1/11/14
    The proposed measure would have taxed internet usage at a rate 150 Hungarian forint, or about 60 cents, per gigabyte of data. more»
  • South African rand tumbles in emerging market sell-off

    05:18 | 1/11/14
    Reuters Africa
    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The rand tumbled to its weakest level against the dollar in over a week on Friday as a sell-off of emerging market currencies wiped out the gains it made after South Africa's trade shortfall surprisingly narrowed sharply in ... more»
  • Coal miners stuck in the middle of Ukraine's war

    05:07 | 1/11/14
    News & Observer
    Vitaly Khristich is one of hundreds of miners who each day brave the artillery fire that flares between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian troops to go down - deep, deep down - into the local mines. The mild-mannered man in his late 30s with a shy ... more»