Monday, 27 February 2017

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  • Scotland women all full-time ahead of Euro 2017 finals

    04:56 | 25/2/17
    BBC News
    Scotland's home-based players are being funded to go full-time as they prepare for the Women's Euro 2017 finals. A package agreed between the Scottish Football Partnership, Sport Scotland and energy firm SSE will provide finances until the tournament ... more»
  • Euro Bears Return as First Round of France Vote Comes Into Focus

    01:17 | 24/2/17
    The euro is slipping again, after Wednesday's modest bounce proved too weak to last. Concerns about European political risks that were recently focused on the second round of France elections are now broadening to include the first round and even next ... more»
  • French Election Still Dominating Euro Sentiment

    01:00 | 24/2/17
    The Euro continues to be under heavy pressure from political uncertainty as the candidates jockey for position for French president. more»
  • FOREX-French political noise pushes euro below $1.05

    01:58 | 23/2/17
    LONDON, Feb 22 The euro fell below $1.05 for the first time in six weeks on Wednesday, hit by a combination of concern over France's presidential election campaign and the growing gap between core euro zone interest rates and the U.S. equivalents. more»
  • Asian investors: be very wary about the euro zone

    13:56 | 21/2/17
    South China Morning Post
    Saddled with what is for France an overvalued euro, the French coachman has seen the German horse charge ahead of the euro zone wagon, and now must also contemplate the possibility that the far right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen might, just ... more»
  • French political noise pushes euro below $1.05

    13:36 | 21/2/17
    Three-month risk reversals - the weight of bets against the euro over bets on it strengthening - hit their most negative since the height of the euro zone's last debt crisis in 2012, surpassing levels seen after Britain's vote to leave the European ... more»
  • The Euro is not Working says Greenspan

    01:31 | 21/2/17
    Pound Sterling Live
    Alan Greenspan reckons the Euro will collapse and the ECB Mario Draghi should come clean on the state of the Eurozone economy. more»
  • Bond Traders Are Placing Euro-Breakup Bets Again

    22:22 | 20/2/17
    Hidden under the surface of European bond markets, traders are placing bets that will pay out if the risks in the euro zone severely escalate. more»
  • Dollar sags on lower yields, euro dogged by political concerns

    17:52 | 20/2/17
    TOKYO A slide in U.S. bond yields pressured the dollar against the yen on Monday, while the euro struggled for traction after suffering significant losses at the end of last week on renewed concerns about the upcoming French elections. more»
  • Merkel: Euro has a 'valuation problem'

    01:33 | 20/2/17
    Seeking Alpha
    "We have at the moment in the eurozone of course a problem with the value of the euro," Angela Merkel told reporters at the Munich Security Conference. more»
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