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  • Saudi Arabia's $2bn cash transfer gives hope to Yemenis

    03:26 | 18/3/18
    The National
    The Yemeni rial rose by nearly 10 per cent against the US dollar after Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the Yemen Central Bank for the transfer of $2 billion to shore up the economy of the war-ravaged country. more»
  • Saudi's NCB plans to raise capital with 10 bln riyal bonus share issue

    19:56 | 31/12/17
    Kitco News
    DUBAI, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank (NCB), the kingdom's largest lender, said on Sunday its board had proposed increasing the bank's capital by 10 billion riyals ($2.7 billion) through issuing bonus shares to help support ... more»
  • Saudi's $19 Billion Stimulus Will Prioritize Housing and Small Business

    10:15 | 14/12/17
    Al-Qasabi said the stimulus package includes 21 billion riyals for housing and 14 billion more in part for efficient home design and engineering. more»
  • Saudi charity excellence awards in spotlight

    11:30 | 26/11/17
    Arab News
    JEDDAH: Philanthropy has always played a crucial role in Saudi society. The Saudi philanthropic sector is focusing more on the elimination of social problems, not only the suffering caused by those problems. more»
  • Qatar National Bank's link-up to Saudi payment network delayed: sources

    00:15 | 24/11/17
    But while the branch is operational, QNB has not yet completed steps to connect to the Saudi Arabian Riyal Interbank Express (SARIE) system, which allows commercial banks in the kingdom to make and settle payments in riyals and is an important step for ... more»
  • A car crash happens every minute in Saudi Arabia

    22:45 | 23/11/17
    While the fine was previously between 1,000 and 2,000 Saudi riyals, the kingdom raised it to a minimum of 20,000 Saudi riyals ($5,332) for first-time offenders. The fine doubles to 40,000 Saudi riyals for second-time offenders and the car will be ... more»
  • Saudi authorities question 200 in graft inquiry, estimate $100-billion stolen ...

    00:46 | 10/11/17
    The Globe and Mail
    The Saudi riyal dropped in the one-year forward market on Thursday to imply riyal depreciation of 0.8 percent against the dollar in the next 12 months, compared to 0.3 percent before the crackdown. more»
  • Saudi Riyal Seen Lower

    09:37 | 7/11/17
    This logically can be expected to impact upon the Saudi economy, most obviously in the shape of increased pressure on the Saudi Riyal and on Saudi debt. Dozens of ministers, royals, officials, and senior military officials were dismissed or arrested ... more»
  • Slump in lending poses profit challenge for banks in Saudi

    08:30 | 3/11/17
    Gulf Times
    Deposits at National Commercial Bank, the largest lender and which has perhaps the closest links to the government, slipped 2.8% year on year to 303bn riyals at the end of September, continuing the decline in levels seen in the first half of 2017 and 2016. more»
  • Saudi says 'no' to foreign women drivers

    01:45 | 7/10/17
    The Hindu
    For instance, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Moghlooth, a functionary of the Saudi Economic Association (SEA), estimated that the decision would help the kingdom some 20 billion Saudi riyal a year. As Saudi newspaper quoted him as saying that Saudi families were ... more»
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