Sunday, 09 August 2020


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Recent News
  • Iceland's New Leader Wants 'Strict' New Currency Regime

    13:11 | 30/1/18
    The 41-year-old prime minister needs to resort to all of her diplomatic skills as she heads a grand coalition comprising her Left-Green Movement, the centrist Progressive Party and Benediktsson's conservative Independence Party. more»
  • Interest rate cuts bring end to long Icelandic krona rally

    03:00 | 17/8/17
    Financial Times
    While a strengthening global economy is encouraging central bankers across the developed world to finally look at raising interest rates, on the outskirts of Europe one bank is seeing some success by moving in the opposite direction. more»
  • Show Me The Money: 10000 ISK

    03:00 | 9/8/17
    Reykjavík Grapevine
    Until the mid-to-late 19th century, most financial transactions in Iceland were conducted in vaðmál (homespun wool). However, since 1922, Iceland has issued its own currency, the króna. Iceland never being the best at economic stability, the króna has ... more»
  • Icelanders named in Panama papers buy ISK at a 20% discount

    22:14 | 14/7/17
    RÚV reports that 21 Icelanders who's names came up in the notorious Panama papers, purchased large amounts of ISK (Icelandic króna) at a 20% discount through the Central bank's investment program. The article states that the individuals are not ... more»
  • Serious fraud and deception of Icelandic Government in sale of Agricultural bank

    04:00 | 30/3/17
    Iceland Monitor
    The Special Investigation Commission of the Icelandic Parliament released a report yesterday stating that they have proved that the Icelandic Government was deceived both before and after the sale of the Agricultural Bank of Iceland (Búnaðarbankinn) to ... more»
  • Central Bank of Iceland concludes agreement with owners of offshore króna assets

    03:48 | 13/3/17
    Iceland Monitor
    The Central Bank of Iceland has concluded an agreement with owners of offshore króna assets subject to special restrictions pursuant to Act no. more»
  • Is Iceland World's Most Expensive Country?

    02:12 | 10/3/17
    Arion Bank believes Iceland may have become the world's most expensive country, according to RÚV. The Icelandic króna has strengthened a great deal in recent months, and Konráð S. Gíslason, economist at the bank stated, “We're getting closer and closer ... more»
  • Is the Icelandic Króna too Strong?

    03:00 | 2/11/16
    Purchasing goods abroad costs Icelanders only about half of what it did two years ago, RÚV reports. This was revealed in the economic forecast of Arion Bank, which calls the strength of the króna a reason for concern. The bank's research department ... more»
  • Iceland's Heida Reed swears on live UK TV

    00:40 | 17/9/16
    Iceland Monitor
    Poldark actress Heiða Rún Sigurðardóttir, or Heida Reed as she is better known in the UK, was left red-faced of the sofa of UK morning television programme This Morning after swearing on live TV. more»
  • “Iceland's króna will never be a full free-floating currency”

    04:31 | 26/8/16
    Iceland Monitor
    Stability is the name of the game, according to Benediktsson, with the aim of “treading a path towards releasing capital controls and at the same time maintaining lower interest rates, sustaining low inflation, high employment numbers, and Iceland's ... more»
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