Sunday, 09 August 2020


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Recent News
  • Toilet Paper in Taiwan Is Flying Off Shelves as People Fear Price Hike

    06:48 | 28/2/18
    Shoppers in Taiwan have rushed to their supermarkets to get their hands on as many toilet paper rolls as possible amid fears of an impending price hike. more»
  • Consumer confidence bolstered by strong faith in equity market

    21:15 | 29/1/18
    Focus Taiwan News Channel
    ... in some districts of New Taipei have lowered prices to encourage home buyers to enter the market. In January, the sub-index for the timing of durable goods purchases rose 1.40 from December to 91.60, while the sub-indexes for employment and ... more»
  • US dollar falls to lowest in over 4 years

    01:45 | 20/1/18
    Focus Taiwan News Channel
    Taipei, Jan. 19 (CNA) The U.S. dollar fell to its lowest against the Taiwan dollar for more than four years on Friday on the back of more foreign fund inflows and the greenback shedding NT$0.132 to close at NT$29.430. more»
  • BSP sees weaker peso

    10:11 | 25/12/17
    In contrast, the South Korean won strengthened against the greenback by 10.5 percent; the Thai baht and the Malaysian ringgit, up 10 percent; the New Taiwan dollar, up 7.7 percent; the Singaporean dollar, up 7 percent; the Indian rupee, up 5.4 percent ... more»
  • Manufacturing PMI keeps expanding

    04:56 | 2/12/17
    Taipei Times
    Last month's official manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) reached 57.2, remaining above the expansion mark for 21 consecutive months, as new iPhone models benefited local supply chains, the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER ... more»
  • US dollar moves up versus safe havens on US budget plan

    05:05 | 22/10/17
    Taipei Times
    In Taipei, the New Taiwan dollar on Friday fell against the US dollar, shedding NT$0.011 to close at NT$30.241. The NT dollar fell 0.2 percent against the US dollar from last week's NT$30.185. more»
  • Quanta to hire 1000 in Taiwan

    03:56 | 11/8/17
    Taipei Times
    However, quarterly gross margin fell from 4.73 percent to 4.53 percent due to an adjustment to the product portfolio and a strong New Taiwan dollar, the firm said. Operating margin last quarter dropped from 2.05 percent to 1.69 percent because of ... more»
  • New Taiwan dollar rises, as greenback falls globally on investor shift to euro

    03:56 | 23/7/17
    Taipei Times
    The New Taiwan dollar on Friday gained against the US dollar, rising NT$0.006 to close at NT$30.451. Turnover totaled US$1.098 billion during the trading session. more»
  • US dollar drops amid improving Asian currencies

    03:56 | 25/6/17
    Taipei Times
    The New Taiwan dollar on Friday rose against the US dollar, gaining NT$0.042 to close at NT$30.400 as the greenback gave up earlier gains due to the strength of other regional units, dealers said. more»
  • Taiwan: How China is poaching the island's diplomatic allies

    11:10 | 14/6/17
    BBC News
    "In that period Taiwan stopped trying to buy new allies but it also developed closer ties to the PRC," said Dr Dafydd Fell, a Taiwan expert at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). A key part of that was an understanding that both sides ... more»
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