Saturday, 31 July 2021

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Recent News
  • House Hunting in ... Panama

    01:31 | 24/8/17
    New York Times
    The housing market in Panama slowed significantly after the 2008 global financial crisis, with prices falling, on average, 20 to 30 percent, according to Kent Davis, a managing director of Panama Equity Real Estate. He said the drop was not as ... more»
  • The Ultimate Guide to Panama

    02:37 | 27/6/17
    Cruise Radio (blog)
    Although the official currency of Panama is the Balboa, one Balboa equals one US Dollar, and US Dollars have circulated as legal tender for over 100 years. more»
  • US govt extends special licence for seized Panama bank Balboa

    07:33 | 3/2/17
    Business News Americas (subscription)
    Panamanian banking regulator SBP took administrative and operating control of the bank and brokerage in May last year, after the US treasury department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) identified the companies as part of the "Waked Money ... more»
  • When students tried to raise a flag in Panama

    03:15 | 27/1/17
    Illinois Times
    Pedasi, Panama -- While Jan. 9 was just another Monday in the U.S., it was a major national holiday in Panama, marking perhaps the lowest point in the inextricably close relations between the two countries. more»
  • Hokule?a Completes Panama Canal Transit, Returns to Pacific Waters

    15:37 | 12/1/17
    Maui Now
    After two days of transit through the Panama Canal, iconic voyaging canoe Hokule?a reached the Panama city of Balboa today at 2:54 p.m. EST. The canoe went through three sets of locks on the man-made waterway and returned to Pacific waters for the ... more»
  • Photographs capture the power of the Panama Canal and its people

    02:38 | 11/1/17
    Miami Herald
    There was a mandate that 90 percent of the workers on the expansion must be Panamanian, very different from more than 100 years ago, when workers came from around the world to build the Panama Canal. What all this mean for the average consumer on the ... more»
  • Hokulea's journey through Panama Canal encounters delay

    20:52 | 9/1/17
    Hokulea and her crew are currently in Panama, but their historic crossing has encountered a slight delay. It will take the crew about two days to make their way from Colon, through the 48-mile Panama Canal, to Balboa to re-enter the Pacific Ocean for ... more»
  • Spink readies for New York sale

    21:31 | 4/1/17
    Numismatic News
    ... all serious paper money collectors need to check the catalog with care, be it online or in hard copy. Those into the issues of Central America will no doubt go directly to the three “Arias Seven Day” balboa notes of Panama that will be offered as a ... more»
  • In Panama for business? Take a side trip to the famous canal

    03:54 | 1/7/16
    Billings Gazette
    In this June 25, 2016 photo, two canal workers on a small rowboat catch a line from a massive cargo ship as it prepares to enter the Pedro Miguel locks in Panama City. As a major Latin American hub of finance, commerce and transportation, the ... more»
  • Panama Canal ushers in era of megaships

    11:37 | 26/6/16
    PANAMA CITY - More than 100 years ago when the SS Ancon sailed into the history books as the first ship to transit the Panama Canal, the waterway was a display of American ingenuity and the Panama Canal Zone was firmly in U.S. hands. more»
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