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  • The Bafana Family

    05:18 | 10/3/18
    SOS Children's Villages Canada
    His family was left to survive on his old age monthly pension of 360 Botswana Pula (38 USD). Consequently, Itumeleng and Nnee, Bafana's two daughters, dropped out of school. more»
  • Botswana President, VP sucked into fraud case

    04:11 | 8/3/18 - English -
    When asked if he was aware that Khama and Masisi benefited from the alleged stolen money, the investigating officer from the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, Andre German, confirmed that he had interviewed Masisi and that he only got to ... more»
  • Botswana deports former Ugandan MP Kipoi

    06:15 | 4/3/18
    The Observer
    The treason case at Nakawa Magistrate's court was in 2014 transferred to the General Court Martial where all the other co-accused are still undergoing trial. more»
  • Botswana Crop Plantings Plummet 98% as Dry Spell Grips Country

    03:39 | 3/2/18
    In response, the government has extended its 600 million pula agricultural inputs program for communal farmers in a bid to boost planting and the number of farmers participating. more»
  • Two Zambian women arrested in Botswana for smuggling skin lightening creams

    05:18 | 28/1/18
    "The two women were found in possession of 60 boxes and several tubes of skin lightening creams estimated at a street value of about 30,000 U.S. more»
  • Coal prospects brighten as demand surges in China

    23:18 | 15/1/18
    Botswana is well positioned to benefit from the increasing demand of coal while it still lasts. Latest prospects revealed that Botswana sits on over 200 billion tonnes of coal that has not been explored. However this past year companies have been ... more»
  • One man's holy war on religious commercialization

    17:52 | 13/11/17
    Mmegi Online
    Mogano believes that some churches operate like multi-national companies and millions of pula are repatriated from Botswana to foreign countries but the authorities are struggling to contain this. His main gripe with fellow compatriots is that they ... more»
  • Experts lecture Botswana on FDI

    02:07 | 7/11/17
    He further wondered why Botswana, a country with over 3 million cattle and over 30 years multibillion pula beef industry continues to be behind countries like Ethiopia, Brazil and Namibia in the area of diversified livestock and beef industry value chains. more»
  • A Family's Effort to Get Out of Poverty

    03:15 | 24/10/17
    SOS Children's Villages Canada
    Catherine Fischer, 59, knows too well the hardship of living on the bare minimum. For the longest time, her family of 10 has survived on 320 Botswana Pula (32 USD), old age pension pay from the government sent to Catherine's 89 year old mother ... more»
  • Gov't borrows P3bn from bond market

    07:45 | 23/10/17
    Mmegi Online
    With government having ruled out tax increases to finance the deficit, the shortfalls will likely be covered by a combination of borrowing on the domestic market as well as drawing down on the Pula Fund at the central bank. Figures released by the ... more»
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