Sunday, 26 October 2014

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  • Ebola: the race to find a vaccine

    20:30 | 26/10/14
    The Guardian
    While the reservoir (the long-term host) of the virus has yet to be identified (fruit bats and apes are the leading contenders) there is little doubt that Ebola is the greatest threat to the world's health and security since HIV/Aids or that the fault ... more»
  • Serby's Sunday Q&A with Lionel Hollins

    20:18 | 26/10/14
    New York Post
    Well, your experience is a little bit limited, you haven't really won if you're a player that's never been on a winning team. more»
  • Kashkari aims to rebrand GOP

    20:07 | 26/10/14
    Jerry Brown, who has criticized Kashkari for his role in leading the national bank bailout. The governor also has highlighted other points on Kashkari's résumé, including his ... Brown has signed bills that raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016 ... more»
  • Home Calendar

    20:05 | 26/10/14
    The Spokesman Review
    At this dinner you will learn how to significantly cut your energy costs, government tax programs that pay you to improve your home and the latest technologies to make your whole house more comfortable. more»
  • View from the Street: Shorten stands up for something

    19:56 | 26/10/14
    Sydney Morning Herald
    Australia's Trade Minister Andrew "No, YOU shut up" Robb would like everyone to stop worrying about the details of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the massive new trade agreement currently going on in secret from everyone - including the Senate. "Those ... more»
  • The Left Keeps Trying to Win Elections By Litigation Over Rules Governing ...

    19:56 | 26/10/14
    Daily Signal
    After a federal district court refused to block North Carolina's multi-pronged reforms - voter ID, eliminating same-day registration, shortening the early-voting period (from 17 days to 10), and banning ballots cast outside voters' assigned precincts ... more»
  • Charlotte startup rides electric-vehicle wave

    19:56 | 26/10/14
    Bend Bulletin
    Capable of hauling 1,000 pounds and reaching up to 80 miles per hour, the truck was produced in Charlotte, North Carolina, by EV Fleet Inc., a manufacturing startup Agnew formed this year to assemble and sell electric pickups. The Condor is a strategic ... more»
  • From seed to smoker: The medical marijuana process

    19:33 | 26/10/14
    My Eastern Shore
    Manufacturers in California, Michigan and Montana, three states in which medical marijuana is legal, have experienced some of the most recent federal stings. more»
  • Rebels focused on regrouping after first loss

    19:22 | 26/10/14
    ESPN (blog)
    The Egg Bowl still might decide the SEC West champion, but the dream matchup between unbeaten Ole Miss and unbeaten Mississippi State won't happen. more»
  • Senate race TV spending doubles in Iowa

    19:22 | 26/10/14
    2014 is the first full midterm election campaign since the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark 2010 Citizens United case reshaped the political landscape by allowing unlimited contributions to independent groups. That has sharply .... Service Employees ... more»
  • Ukraine votes to overhaul parliament

    19:11 | 26/10/14
    Lynchburg News and Advance
    (AP) - A man suspected of killing two deputies during a shooting rampage in Northern California was deported twice to Mexico and had a drug conviction, federal authorities said Saturday. more»
  • England: Time for a correction -- audit

    19:11 | 26/10/14
    The Southern
    If 2,019 was a market top, then a 10 percent correction would take the S&P 500 to the 1,817 level. This system is a valuable tool for SPX option, futures and index ETF traders. more»
  • Breeders' Cup: Prayer for Relief has big work

    19:11 | 26/10/14
    The Courier-Journal
    Danny Boy, pre-entered in both the $2 million Juvenile and $1 million Juvenile Turf, worked five-eighths on turf in 59 3/5 with Romans and Donegal Racing founder Jerry Crawford watching. “Cristina, I had my feet on the dashboard the whole ... Also at ... more»
  • Youth Sports: Locals win International Federation American Football Flag ...

    19:11 | 26/10/14
    Eight young men from South Florida flew to Rome, Italy, representing the United States in the International Federation American Football Flag Football World Championships, and they returned to Miami-Dade County with the gold medal. more»
  • Study lists Trinity Dam flows for fish as high priority

    19:11 | 26/10/14
    Eureka Times Standard
    "We reiterate that the framework is a screening-level tool that shows where environmental flows likely warrant attention, but decisions over where to invest resources in environmental flows for ecosystem restoration need to be supplemented by knowledge ... more»
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