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  • Forget Shell V-Power 98, this 6x6 Jeep Wrangler is powered by steam - CarsGuide

    14:48 | 2/11/17
    With petrol getting more and more expensive, it was only a matter of time before someone put a train engine under their hood. It was the only rational outcome. Built by Hauk Designs in an almost instantaneous eight week period for the television series  more»
  • Business feature: Tastes at the Bay - Port Stephens Examiner

    14:24 | 2/11/17
    Port Stephens Examiner
    The Seabreeze Hotel will sample some of its new Spring Summer menu at the festival this year and delight the senses with a refreshing cocktail to complete the Trail. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of all things food and wine, then this is the  more»
  • Business-feature: Tastes at the Bay 2017 - Port Stephens Examiner

    13:23 | 2/11/17
    Port Stephens Examiner
    FLAVOUR: Locals and visitors flock to the annual Tastes at the Bay festival in anticipation of some of the best tastes in the region. It's time to delight your senses and discover the rich tapestry of food, wine, music and community that Nelson Bay has  more»
  • Health boss's spending to be revealed -

    13:11 | 2/11/17
    Murray abruptly resigned as Waikato DHB chief executive on October 5 after an investigation found evidence of unauthorised spending. Records detailing Murray's spending from the start of his tenure at the DHB through to his resignation will be posted  more»
  • This is the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler - Gears Of Biz

    12:24 | 2/11/17
    Gears Of Biz
    You're looking at the first official images of the all-new next-generation 2018 Jeep Wrangler, and if you're thinking, “What's the difference?”, that was kinda the whole point. The full details will be revealed later this year at the upcoming Los  more»
  • Jeep reveals 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    11:48 | 2/11/17
    The San Diego Union-Tribune
    New to the 2018 JL styling are small vents on the two front quarter panels, just behind the fenders. (FCA US LLC). Mark MaynardContact Reporter · Jeep showed the first three official photos of the 2018 Wrangler on Halloween eve, but there were few details. more»
  • MAPS.ME launches a new reviewing platform - FutureFive NZ

    11:35 | 2/11/17
    FutureFive NZ
    MAPS.ME is a service that features offline maps and navigation for mobile devices, based on data provided by OpenStreetMap. It is now launching its own platform with user reviews and ratings. Users will be able to rate and review all kinds of sites  more»
  • Former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz had died aged 87 -

    10:37 | 2/11/17
    Schutz, the company's CEO from 1981-1987, was born in Berlin in 1930, but his Jewish family fled Nazi Germany soon after, arriving in Havana, Cuba, and eventually settling in Illinois, when he was 11. There the young Schutz went on to get a degree in ... more»
  • The iPhone X Is Cool. That Doesn't Mean You Are Ready for It. - New York Times

    10:19 | 2/11/17
    New York Times
    Apple's new iPhone X becomes available in stores on Friday. Credit Frederic J. Brown/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. The iPhone X is the best iPhone ever made. Many of you probably aren't ready for it. Here's why: Apple's newest iPhone takes a ... more»
  • My first day with an Apple iPhone X - Newshub

    09:40 | 2/11/17
    OPINION: In the early hours of this morning my other half was in bed with first a pig, then a monkey and finally a unicorn. They were all sending him love messages full of snorts, hoots, neighs and winks. (Does a unicorn neigh?) He wasn't very  more»
  • Throwback Thursday: Nokias, Alcatels and the best 90s to 2000s phones - New Zealand Herald

    09:25 | 2/11/17
    New Zealand Herald
    Do you remember your first cell phone? Like a right of passage, being gifted with your own mobile felt like you were finally becoming an adult. It's likely your first phone was from the pre -selfie and -social media era, and while it may seem like a  more»
  • 2019 Audi A7 to debut in Detroit - The Torque Report

    09:18 | 2/11/17
    The Torque Report
    Although the 2017 LA Auto Show kicks off later this month, Audi is reportedly not going to show the next-generation 2019 Audi A7 at the show and instead have its US debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Audi officially unveiled the new A7 last month, but  more»
  • How much Nissan Navara is there in the Mercedes-Benz X-class? -

    08:20 | 2/11/17
    Yes, we've had a go in the rapid V6-engined Mercedes X-class. But only in the passenger seat of a prototype. It was painfully obvious at the international launch of the X-class pickup-truck in Chile that no-one at Mercedes-Benz likes saying the N-word. more»
  • RS 5 now with turbos - NZ Autocar

    08:14 | 2/11/17
    NZ Autocar
    Audi NZ gathered us to sample a couple of its new RS products but first hijacked proceedings with a presentation on the near future where driving won't matter. Audi's A8 is here next year with so-called 'Level 3 autonomous ability', taking care of ... more»
  • This awful thing happens when you shame a Shadow of War orc too much - PC Gamer

    07:58 | 2/11/17
    PC Gamer
    My recent run-in with a particularly egregious orc named Mozû might have led you to believe that Shadow or War's enemies have the upper hand. But the truth is Talion is more cruel than any of the greenskins, as evidenced by this video which seeks to ... more»
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