Friday, 01 December 2023


Our RealEdge software has been designed to perform three distinct tasks that enable you to keep your portfolio performing.

  • Step 1: Use RealEdge Data Client to give you the latest data on every stock on the exchanges of your choice. Data is downloaded and updated in seconds.
  • Step 2: Use RealEdge Scanner to apply powerful scans to automatically find all the stocks that are out-performing the market. These are saved as watch lists.
  • Step 3: Use RealEdge Chart to zero in on those quality investment stocks that keep your portfolio performing.

RealEdge Chart

The World Top Analysts, Traders and Market Professionals use charts to assist them to make quality investment choices. The ability to see what is happening to a stock, plus to compare one stock to another is invaluable.

RealEdge Chart gives your powerful charts straight out of box with over forty built in charts plus the ability to build your own chart layouts. RealEdge Charts takes user friendliness to a new level by enabling you to surf through your own watch list of stocks.

Professionals use charts because they truly give an insight that is not possible without seeing the trend visually. A chart is a picture of what the market thinks about a stock, in effect the collective view of all buyers and sellers of the stock. Such power at your finger tips is invaluable.

RealEdge Scanner

One of the secrets to making money in the markets is ‘What to Buy’ rather than necessarily when to buy. Quality stocks that outperform the market most often continue to rise in price for very long periods. For example, Microsoft had a period lasting many years where it moved higher is price.

With so many stocks that you could potentially invest in you need a tool that automatically finds stocks that are performing. RealEdge Scanner does just this. With eighteen build in scans you are able to automatically list high performing stocks.

From the list of high performing stocks you are able to find the opportunity fits your investment strategy. With RealEdge Scanner you have the power find those quality stocks that outperform the market.

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