Monday, 08 August 2022

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Recent News
  • US dollar rallies against Japanese Yen on Monday

    16:18 | 15/5/18
    FX Empire
    The US dollar rallied significantly against the Japanese yen on Monday, as traders returned to work. The market looks likely to continue to reach towards the ¥110 level above, which has been a scene of significant resistance. more»
  • Japanese Yen: Safe Haven Or Inflation Proxy?

    00:45 | 15/5/18
    Seeking Alpha
    In our last commentary on the Japanese yen, we wrote that the currency was looking excessively weak against the euro. In particular, we stated that bullish catalysts driving EUR/JPY were at risk as speculator positioning in both long euro and short yen ... more»
  • Japanese Yen: Only A Trade For Times Of Trouble

    03:45 | 14/5/18
    Seeking Alpha
    When a currency is heading lower against other major pairs, I always ask myself this question: is this currency a contrarian play or is it in trouble? more»
  • US dollar falls against Japanese yen on Thursday

    16:18 | 11/5/18
    FX Empire
    The US dollar fell significantly during the trading session on Thursday, mainly in reaction to the ¥110 level being massive resistance, as we have seen more than once. more»
  • Japanese Yen Technical Analysis:Feb's USD/JPY Peaks Back In Play

    17:00 | 25/4/18
    Talking Points: USD/JPY has seen good upside this week; Its old trading range is history, or possible support; EUR/JPY is respecting a nascent uptrend channel. more»
  • US dollar rallies against Japanese yen on Tuesday

    16:27 | 25/4/18
    FX Empire
    The US dollar went sideways initially during the trading session on Tuesday, but then broke above the 109 handle. The market tends to follow risk appetite in general, because the Japanese yen tends to be more of a safety currency than anything else ... more»
  • US dollar has bumpy ride against Japanese yen on Wednesday

    16:18 | 19/4/18
    FX Empire
    The US dollar has pulled back a bit during the trading session on Wednesday, testing the 107 level for support. We did start to see it as the Americans started to take over the market, so I think we will continue to try to go higher, perhaps reaching ... more»
  • British pound falls against Japanese yen in early Wednesday trading

    16:18 | 19/4/18
    FX Empire
    The British pound fell against the Japanese yen in early Wednesday trading, dropping down to the 152.00 region. We did bounce from there quite significantly though, and although this has been a very negative turn of events, I think looking around the ... more»
  • Here's a valuable lesson on Japanese yen

    15:48 | 27/3/18
    Stripes Japan
    Among the six coins, the 100 yen coin is the most useful for various vending machines, coin laundries and parking lots. You may notice that there are many 100-yen shops near your base. But, be aware, when you buy a 100-yen item in the shop, you have to ... more»
  • Japanese Yen Dips, Inflation Reports Next

    04:33 | 27/3/18
    USD/JPY has posted gains in the Monday session. In the North American session, USD/JPY is trading at 104.97, up 0.22% on the day. It's a quiet start to the week, with no US data releases. more»
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